One of the goals of financial (and more specifically investment) coaching is to implement a process of debiasing. Awareness is already an important step, but we generally need to do more effort and actively work cognitively to reduce our biases – I am not saying “eliminate” because of the somehow super-human magnitude of the challenge, but identifying and reducing them is already a major and important step.

The DEBIASING newsletter does half of the job for you – it takes major investment topics of the month and comes up with key questions to help you reduce potential biases in the analysis and evaluation of the investment case. Such biases may come from innate attitudes and tendencies, media coverage, market sentiment – wherever they come from, they are likely to shift our decisions for reasons other than rational evaluation or (unbiased) instinct.

Since a newsletter can only cover certain investment topics, if you would like customised support for your specific investment area and topics to implement a debiasing process, do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss your needs.

Request the latest copy, enjoy the reading and the mental workout.