What do we mean with financial and investment coaching? There are three main frameworks to take financial decisions, including those related to investments

      • DO-IT-YOURSELF – you do everything from research to trading, investing, etc.
      • ADVISORY (ANLAGEBERATUNG) – you get a professional advisor to make recommendations to you after getting an idea of your situation and goals
      • EXTERNAL WEALTH MANAGEMENT (VERMÖGENSVERWALTUNG) – you delegate someone to take decisions on your behalf

FINANCIAL and INVESTMENT COACHING fills the gap between the advisory (Anlageberatung) and the do-it-yourself approaches. The Coach helps you to better understand your goals, motives, risk profile and psychological mechanisms. With increased awareness you are then better positioned to take robust financial decisions for yourself. A coach does not tell you what you should do. You get to the decisions after the coach guided you on a path of self-awareness and increased self-control.






We cannot take conscious decisions without a strong level of self-awareness. While many mechanisms remain subconscious, raising the level of conscious awareness can improve the quality of our financial decisions by giving us visibility on some of the unconscious drivers.





Emotions are a key component in decision-making, especially in extreme market conditions, so that being able to control our emotions is a key factor in order to navigate through different market environments and financial products.


With increased self-awareness and better equipped to control our emotions, our decision-making process will rationally incorporate factors that were previously processed in a sub-conscious way. While (subconscious) intuition should not be disregarded, certain market conditions require training and/or higher consciousness.


Self-awareness, self-control and the resulting decision-making process are generally not a one-off. There needs to be a continuous training in order to consolidate the results. Just like regular physical training is necessary for our bodies, regular psychological training is necessary for our brain-mind.

Take an introductiory session at no cost and no commitment, to understand more and see if this is something for you.