As a complement or alternative to Investment Coaching, Qortex offers Investment Advisory services. As a Swiss registered investment advisor, Stefano Charrey offers a fully personalised investment advisory to clients domiciled in Switzerland. The main characteristics and differentiation factors of the Qortex advisory services are that Qortex does not receive any retrocessions or kick-backs, it focuses on independence, personalised service, risk awareness and control as well as investment psychology.


Qortex is not tied to in-house products and has no financial incentives (like retrocessions) to sell certain third-party products. We are therefore only looking for the best solutions for our clients. We offer different fee-models to suit the client’s specific need and wish.


By not being tied to in-house products and not having any asset-class focus, Qortex looks at the investment universe without limitations of scope. Different asset classes, instruments and strategies perform differently in different market and economic situations, we recognise that and only look for robust investment decisions.


Thanks to a professional background covering trading and investing as well as risk management, risk considerations are built into the advisory mindset. Psychology of risk-taking and individual risk profiles is also an integral part of the advisory process.


The name Qortex is inspired by our brain’s Cerebral Cortex, recognising that decisions are inextricably connected to psychological mechanisms. Psychology has to be part of the investment process in order to take robust investment decisions.

Get in touch to discuss your needs confidentially and without costs or commitment. Decide then for yourself if you are convinced that the Qortex approach is the right one for you.

In combination with, or as an alternative to traditional investment advisory, Qortex also offers financial education and coaching.